C.ME Monitor Arm

C.Me Monitor Arm has an easy and safe push-button mechanism that allows the monitor to be adjusted from a seated position. Discreet with effective cable management, the monitor arm can be bolt through or desk clamp mounting. Elegant, simple design appeal with 3 colour options to suit your work environment.

M8 Monitor Arm

By redefining the capabilities of a monitor arm, Humanscale created the M8, which combines incredible weight capacity with a stylish, slim profile.  The M8 allows the user to work in a healthy posture through setting one or multiple monitors at an optimal distance and height, collaborate easier through effortless screen sharing, and increase desk space.

Through its fusion of flexibility and strength, the M8 accommodates any single or dual monitor configuration weighing up to 18kg (40 lbs.). The M8 offers easy adjustment and flawless ergonomic function in an articulating monitor arm.

Buzzi Desk Split

Desk divider screen for more privacy.

Are you sitting at one big table next to different colleagues? With the BuzziDesk Split you can gain more privacy by creating a personal and quiet workspace. Just slide the sound absorbing BuzziDesk Split over the table and say goodbye to irritating sounds or elbow fights!

Buzzi Hood

Wall mounted acoustic telephone booth

BuzziHood is an acoustic cocoon you can hang on the wall. When you’re ‘in the Hood’ you can answer the phone in noisy
surroundings without having to ask the caller to repeat himself. It can be installed anywhere and will cheer up any space!

Buzzi Cube

Sound absorbing pouf.

A high-design pouf that is unique in its class thanks to its revolutionary form and high-tech production process. The 3D foam covered with a variety of BuzziSpace fabrics gives it a unique touch.

Buzzi Blox

Acoustic wall panel

BuzziBlox is a group of acoustic panels with different depths,developed to tune a room in the speech spectrum range and especially in the low and midfrequencies.

By using alternating depths, the absorption of the different wavelengths into the thick layers of foam will be improved and make sure that the waves don’t reflect back into the room. This diffusion effect will give the room a more pleasant sound experience. When placed against a wall, the Blox rather has the appearance of a piece of art while fully maintaining its initial purpose: to control and monitor the sound in any given room.

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  • Element Vision LED Task Light

Element Vision LED Task Light

With cutting edge advancements like MCX LED technology, the Element Vision task light offers a generous foot-print of glare free illumination in a single light source – not commonly found in LED computer lamps. Element Vision provides the same effortless functionality found in all Humanscale task lights, moving fluidly without the need for knobs, switches or springs.

Where other LED computer lamps struggle to offer the warm light that prevents eye straining and offers ergonomic comfort, Element Vision is able to provide a high color rendering index (CRI) of 89 while also delivering 3000K illumination. With effortless adjustment and innovative heat management, Element Vision is one of the most advanced and intuitive LED task lights available.

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  • Snowsound Acoustic Solution

Snowsound Acoustic Solution

Michele De Lucchi developed Snowsound as an acoustic panel with its excellent absorbent qualities. Snowsound is light, colourful and sufficiently basic to be used even to personalise the surrounding area, as it can be fully inserted in a contemporary context. It can be hung and supported on a stand: it is practical and inexpensive.

The brilliant intuition at the heart of Snowsound® patented technology is based on the use of panels composed of material with variable densities, which achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus optimise the acoustical environment notwithstanding the thinness of the panels.