The unique Antenna Desk base is composed of two tubular steel rails connected to steel end legs with cast aluminum cradles. The result is extraordinary strength and stunning simplicity.


AutoStrada™ combines furniture and interior architecture to create distinctive and perfectly calibrated open plan and private office environments. AutoStrada features four unique planning models that integrate high performance capabilities with modern detail.

Bold and innovative, light and horizontal, AutoStrada evokes an overall sense of openness, and leverages a rich material palette in the tradition of Knoll design.


Focused by ThinkingWorks is designed and engineered to the principles of automotive design. The super strong chassis is covered by a soft, tactile panel. The table features activity infill trays that have been designed and manufactured using 100% post-consumer recycled materials and are easily interchangeable.


From the simple office desk to the comfortable, fully equipped computer workstation with or without height adjustment. F-Com can be modified or extended at any time. The almost limitless modularity and extensive range of accessories provide maximum flexibility. The desk also remains stable with no vibration when the maximum number of screens are mounted. It offers lots of space for technology and plenty of legroom.

For easy access to the desk cable tray, the worktop is available as a one or two-piece worktop The F-Com desk system is equally suitable for the offices, dealing rooms and control centres.

Cool Top

The extreme heat load in dealing rooms is too big a challenge for conventional air conditioning systems. The heat generated by displays and computers at the workstation is eliminated directly at source by Cool-Top. The technology space and displays are cooled in a closed air circuit. Over 12,000 users appreciate the healthy and enjoyable indoor atmosphere this guarantees every day.

The powerful, low-maintenance Cool-Top 25 / Cool-Top15 produces a cooling capacity of up to 3000 /1500 watts with high supply temperatures, very low air velocities (< 12 cm/s) and very low noise levels (< 32 dBA). Cool-Top eliminates heat produced by CPU’s, monitors and dealer board at the workplace with a closed air circulation. This not only guarantees air-conditioning without draughts but also an almost dust-free air quality. For more technical information, visit Erich Keller website.

Buzzi Booth

Upholstered temporary workstation

There has been a big shift toward working in open-plan offices that have a loft-like feeling of home. While there are many benefits, the challenge is maintaining space to make a phone call or work quietly and independently. Designer Alain Gilles’ solution is the BuzziBooth: a phonebooth made of sound absorbing felt that dampens outside sounds. Now you can have a moment alone even in the noisiest of surroundings. Micro-architecture for maxi spaces!

Buzzi Ville

Upholstered workstations

BuzziVille allows you to develop your own little village in the office. A flexible and modular freestanding system that can easily be rearranged to the needs of the office space. It’s possible to have both public and private space, and even informal meeting rooms. Collaborate together or work independently, all within the easily movable urban workspace.

Buzzi Picnic

The first indoor picnic table

Go ahead, have a picnic in the office! Now you can work, have a meeting, stop for lunch or enjoy a beer with your coworkers at the same multifunctional table.