AAL – About a Lounge Chair has a compact body that offers a warm embrace and almost draws you into a conversation with this sensitive creature.

About a Lounge Chair has a strong signature expression and a keen sense of proportions with its late-modern references and contemporary textural qualities. About a Lounge Chair appears as a sculpture in space with its beautiful back, where the stitching helps define a graphic line that appears subtle or striking, depending on your choice of upholstery.


AAC – About a Chair is an intuitive take on the concept of a chair. The organic posture provides good lumbar support, and the open shell invites you to take a seat.

About a Chair comes in a dyed plastic version as well as a version with either frontal or full upholstery in hard-wearing furniture fabrics combined with round legs in soap-finished or lacquered oak or ash wood stained black. The many possible combinations of frame, shell and colours make About a Chair an ultra-flexible and versatile chair that celebrates individuality.


Uchiwa is a capacious armchair taking its soft and open shape from the traditional Japanese hand fan.

Generous and inviting, Uchiwa’s hard plastic shell has surprisingly soft down padding inside. New and familiar at once, the armchair comes in two upholstered versions: in soft down for a more domestic environment and in moulded foam for a more demanding contract context. The dramatic seat shell can be exposed or upholstered, and the legs come in natural or stained oak.


Halia, designed by Studio Kairos, is the brand new chair series of Koleksiyon that is developed within the ‘Open Work’ theme proposed recently by the brand for contemporary work spaces. This new product family stands out with its unique form and structure, which is inspired by wings of fairies.

Halia is served in different fabric and leather seating options, whilst legs are available in chrome plating. High and low back alternatives enable it to be used as both; an executive or operational task chair. Furthermore, new modules of this series can also easily adapt to public spaces in hotels, hospitals, restaurants and schools. Fixed and movable leg options are available for different work spaces and preferences. Height and back adjustments give it the opportunity to deliver individual comfort and special experience per each user.


Designed by the Italian design office Studio Kairos for Koleksiyon, Calder is a modular seating system developed for workspaces and free fields as hotel lounges and hospital waiting rooms.

Calder’s modules are connected to one another with special fittings and thus they can be shaped according to various requirements and wishes. As to the preference of its user, Calder can be with or without sockets. Thanks to its rotatable inner casing, the socket set ensures that the sockets become disguised by being rotated when not used.


The main idea is to cater to ad hoc meetings and creative team work sessions.

Poema is designed as an alternative workplace setting; its lower seats and worktop elements replace standard height chairs and tables, creating a spatial richness in the work habitat. The main idea is to cater to ad hoc meetings and creative team work sessions. The modular elements of the seat and plant units provide an open system for a rich variety of compositions thus offering a palette for change when needed.


Shuffle is a modular concept with endless configuration possibilities.

Based around one simple unit, Shuffle can be used for all current office functions associated with soft upholstery such as touchdown and breakout areas, meeting spaces and partitioning. Its ease of use allows users to rearrange their office from day-to-day, or even from hour-to- hour, depending on the task at hand.

Kruze Lounge

A fusion of classic and contemporary defines the philosophy behind the Kruze Lounge chair.

A striking visual and sitting experience, intelligent design combines with the finest craftsmanship. The high sculpted back and gently curving contours promise outstanding sitting comfort, while its distinctive profile makes it a stand-alone statement piece to enhance any executive lounge, reception or meeting area.

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Marnie Lounge

An exciting fusion of elegant design, premium upholstery and attention to detail, Marnie is a lounge chair collection which embodies luxury and style.

This understated collection features a high and low back armchair, with its full body and angular back shape lending itself perfectly to versatile upholstery.


Get creative with solid timber legs in a choice of styles, including White Ash, Walnut Stain, and White or Black Woodgrain.

Set against the powdercoat colours of Okidoki’s steel and aluminum framework, the decision to complement or contrast is your call.


Polar is a seating system inspired by the icebergs of the northern seas. Versatile, cosy and aesthetically striking.

Its components all feature solid volumes and oblique lines, which can be combined to create sofas and armchairs, with or without backrests.


Intercity is a modular system for creating spaces tailored to any room and need. The wide choice of base modules includes upholstered elements with or without back, both straight and curved.

The straight seats, also with integrated side table in matte Carrara marble or Basaltina, can be combined as preferred to compose different solutions, even the most unusual ones, such as those made possible by the module with S-shaped back which creates a double-sided seat, or by the modules with “face-to-face” seats. Arch or island compositions can be created thanks to the curved modules. The seating system also includes a round pouf, with or without integrated top in marble.

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Crystal Armchair

Crystal is a design with a sophisticated and unusual aesthetic. The key feature in both cases is the invisible base, which gives the impression that they are floating above the ground.

Crystal is a collection of sofas and armchairs away from ordinary standards and clichés which gives birth to a suspended and dynamic effect with no need of aesthetical devices. It’s just about smart and absolute simplicity.


Fixie is a stool featuring a functional tubular structure which deeply identifies the product, making it instantly recognizable as a 3D graphic pattern or a furniture sculpture.

This effect is enriched by original colours making Fixie definitely unique. The aesthetic quality does not hide its functionality: the stool is adjustable in height and it’s 360° revolving.

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