The original modular system with infinite possibilities. Design storage and display systems perfectly tailored to your office.

The core of the USM Haller system is its modular ball-and-tube frame. This lets you design unique and stylish pieces of furniture from an incredibly versatile set of standard parts.

Haller E

The latest evolution in USM’s iconic modular system, the USM Haller E introduces in-built lighting elements that allow you to display things in a whole new light.

With the USM Haller E, refinements to the ball, connector and tube allow power to flow safely through the furniture’s very structure.

New Order

New Order is a shelving system for modern times

This shelving and storage systems is well-suited to the domestic environment, and complemented by a range of elements and extensions designed for the workplace. Versatile and modular, the furniture can be customised to your environment and tastes.


Versatile, intelligent, flexible: System enters the home and the office to meet the needs of personalities, inclinations and lifestyles of those who live there.

With the wide variety and superior quality of its finishes, System is the ideal solution to plan custom furnishing projects, since it can be intelligently adapted to create highly diverse settings: classic, sophisticated, informal, or elegantly traditional.