Timber Flooring

Dutch manufacturer Bolefloor is bringing a remarkably different type of hardwood floor to the U.S. -- one whose planks sport organic curves instead of the usual straight edges.

Bolefloor takes its name from bole, the trunk of a tree.

Bolefloor has created the category of curved-length flooring for the market at large. Until now, unique floors like these have been the product of a few dedicated craftsmen.

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Shamrock Plank Flooring is a part of the Shannon Lumber Group, one of the most innovative and trusted suppliers of North American hardwood products in the world today.

The Company is established in the 1880s as the Shannon Lumber and Stave Company; the family-owned and operated Shannon Lumber Group has cultivated relationships with the best hardwood growers, and built a reputation for excellence over five generations.

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