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We offer space planning solutions for offices big or small. Based on different work mode scenarios, staffing headcount and markets. Browse a gallery of idea starters here.

Today’s offices require topography. The need to balance the open with the enclosed, the collaborative with the personal. And the desire is to have all of these coexist in a holistic model. Let us help with your workplace space planning.

Offices need to keep facilities fluid and agile. Let our space planning team help you to create a place of refuge in an ever-less private, open plan environment.

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Looking to energize your new office with design that endures? Seeking an exciting workplace with the flexibility to help your business grow?

Offices require spaces and furniture that serve a variety of functional needs. Browse our gallery to discover some of the offices realized by Vanguard Interiors.

Financial Institutes

Statutory Boards




Law Firms

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We provide contemporary furniture, highly adaptable and durable solutions designed to support the operational needs of caregivers, patients and their families. Click on the projects to view these sustainable and healthy interior environments.

Registration Areas

Physicians’ Offices

Waiting Areas

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Dynamic campuses today recognise that the quality of their facilities help in attracting and retaining students and faculty. We are committed to creating interior spaces that inspire and evolve with technology.

Discover these furnishing options that leverage the power of design to inspire great learning and teaching environments.

Learning Spaces


Community Spaces

Tech Zones