Walter Knoll Walter Knoll Keypiece Communication Desk

  • $59,499.00
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    Ex-factory Price
    SGD 52,334.07
    Freight to SingaporeSGD 3,000.00
    Local DeliverySGD 500.00
    White Glove InstallationSGD 850.00
    GSTSGD 4,164.93
    Selling Price
    SGD 59,499.00

Space-saving and cost-effective: the Keypiece Communication Desk is a personal workplace and meeting room table in one. Working – whether alone or in a team, advising, discussing and modern video conferencing: the design conforms to today’s leadership culture. The common feature: the soft forms and curves of the desk top.

Whether you are working sitting down or standing up: just press the button on the touchpad for simple and individual operation of the height adjustment feature with an electric motor. Ergonomic and remarkable, dynamic and variable. Container and Media Hub provide space for modern media and personal tools. For leadership in perfection.

Finish in Group II (refer to downloads)

Executive container storage with 2 drawers

Executive container storage with 3 doors to accommodate PC tower and other personal items.

Executive container storage with pull-out printer shelf.

Table can be swiveled +/-30° around the attachment point.


Extension desk 250 x 158cm with soft edge


Use it with

ICF Valea Esse Conference Chair
  • $1,999.00


EOOS develops its talents as a team. The Austrian designers Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl actually recognised the special synergy of their talents during their studies at the College of Applied Art in Vienna where they all attended Paolo Piva's design master class. In 1995, they founded a studio together and since then have constantly developed their own special methodology.