HAY HAY Mags Sofa 3 Seater

  • $8,359.00
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    Ex-factory Price
    SGD 5,813.87
    Freight to Singapore


    SGD 1500.00

    Local DeliverySGD 460.00
    GSTSGD 585.13
    Selling Price
    SGD 8,359.00

Designed with maximum comfort and minimum details, the Mags sofa combines strong aesthetics with timelessness to create a HAY classic. Keeping superior comfort and quality in mind, Mags is built using a solid construction with durable, high-density foam and interior padding for optimal longevity. The low frame has a distinctly lounge feel, which is reinforced by the deep seats and results in an open, welcoming space. The wide range of functional modular units mean the sofa can be fully customised with chaise longue, corner modules or additional seats to suit any room or purpose, while the upholstery options enables the sofa to find its own personality.

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Hee Welling is a Danish furniture designer who founded his own studio in Copenhagen in 2003. His design ethos is centred around the idea of creating technically accomplished products that can reach a wide audience. His work is characterised by a great sense of proportion and quietly elegant looks. For HAY, Welling has designed the About A series and the Hee Chair, Lounge Chair and Bar Stool.