Erich Keller Erich Keller G-Com Communication Desk

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With the G-Com desk, Erich Keller continues to deliver on their commitment to ergonomic design combined with the option to integrate their patented Cool-Top technology. With a simple retrofit kit, the G-Com solution can be easily adjusted to add or remove the Cool-top system and accommodate height and comfort preferences without having to dismantle monitors. Limitless modularity and an extensive range of accessories provides maximum stability and flexibility, even for multiple screens. Suitable for offices, dealing rooms and control centers, the G-Com desk easily accommodates technical equipment while offering plenty of legroom.

  • High degree of ergonomic comfort
  • Stable, modern, yet light in design
  • A modular design available in various sizes and colors to meet exact customer requirements
  • Extensive accessories with diverse cabling options
  • Height adjustment mechanism is controlled via mouse, panel, monitor, or Bluetooth
  • Developed in collaboration with Gensler

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As this product is fully customizable, this collection is available for purchase after consulting with our specialists.

Erich Keller is an international supplier of high-quality communication desks and climate-technology integrated system. Their comprehensive know-how offers customer the best solution in areas of Dealing Room, Trading Floor, Control Rooms, Command Centres and other specialized industries.