Walter Knoll Walter Knoll Scale-Media Boardroom Table

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A table like a made-to-measure suit. It is the master of the boardroom. German engineering combined with perfect craftsmanship. The design options of Scale-Media in terms of shape, size, material and media technology are so diverse that every table is ultimately unique – and the icing on the cake for every corporate identity.

Scale-Media is the made-to-measure suit among the conference tables. Flexibility with character. The design team at Walter Knoll implements high-grade components to ensure the perfect fit for the most demanding of customer desires. Every individual piece stands for unrivalled excellence in scaling, processing and finishing. Scale-Media is a powerful tool for modern leadership. Ensuring that the company – with its aims, its values and its identity – is the focal point of a discussion.

As this product is fully customizable, this collection is available for purchase after consulting with our specialists.